About Us

Alright Footie Fans!

We’ve all been there, the massive highs that Football has given us over the years. Burning the midnight oil to watch a Champions League game, the joys of celebrating a victory over your dear friend who also happens to be a rival and drinking till you drop to swallow an unfathomable loss.

Back in the day when we couldn’t afford original kits due to exorbitant prices, we started to think about creating an independent clothing label to display support for your team, a quite literal way to wear one’s heart on their sleeve.

After a few months of brainstorming and fund raising from family and friends, 642 Stitches was born. Footballs are made of 32 panels and 642 Stitches and thus the name.

From Paolo Maldini and Dennis Bergkamp to Frank Lampard, Robert Pires and Marco Reus, this list goes on and on. So many legends, so many emotions, they’ve all shaped our Label 642 Stitches.

Thanks for visiting us, if you see something you like give your mates a shout on Social Media. We are always keen to hear from you lot, so put in a line at - contactus@642stitches.com

Team @642 Stitches